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Solution Focused Hypnotherapy – What is it?

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a type of talking therapy that combines the use Psychotherapy with Hypnosis. As the name suggests, we focus on the solutions rather than the problems which allows your mind to find a path through whatever it is struggling with. The use of hypnosis is a highly effective tool used to access your mind on a deeper level. Hypnosis or trance is a natural state of mind which we encourage by using guided relaxation. You remain in total control throughout the session. 



 What to Expect


Initial Consultation – I meet all clients for an initial consultation which is the only appointment in which we do talk about the problem. I take information from your about what you’d like to achieve plus some further details but only to the depth that you are happy to give. 

All further sessions take place using a similar format as our brains love repetition. We focus on what’s been good and your progress in week, get a deeper understanding of how the mind works and discuss a preferred future state. The final half of each session is using hypnosis which is a completely natural state nothing like the stage hypnosis that you may have seen on TV. You lay back and enjoy zoning out whilst you listen to my guided relaxation.



What To Do Next?

Please use the Online Booking Button above to book in an initial consultation. You will get the option to book  “At the Venue” or “Video Call”

If it is a video call I will send you the link to the call seperately on the morning of your appointment.

At the initial consultation you can decide if you want to continue on a Pay As You Go format of if you want to make a Block Booking which saves you a regular time slot for 8 or 12 weeks. I’ll be happy to talk you through it and there is never any pressure from me.

Please note that a short burst of weekly sessions is preferable to spreading sessions out over a longer period as it gives us chance to build up the momentum to change and then really set it into your mind.

From my experience, I have found that an 8 week block booking gives us time to resolve most issues. Many do then choose to keep coming on a less regular basis but that is purely out of choice rather than necessity. 




Initial Consultation (45 mins) – £30
Full Hypnotherapy Appointment (50 mins) – £60
Stop Smoking Therapy (100 mins) – £150 

Block Booking

(Great to secure a weekly time slot to suit you)

8 Sessions – £450

12 Sessions – £670 

Please note cancellation charges:

Within 48 hours notice – 50%  

Within 24 hours – 100%


I often have a waiting list so if you cannot find a suitable appointment time, please send me an e-mail and I’ll let you know as soon as something becomes available.


Haworth Practice – 60 West Lane, Haworth, BD22 8EN (Full access details will be sent upon booking)

Keighley Practice – Farfield House, 105 North Street, Keighley, BD21 3AA

(Keighley appointments are 1.30pm to 6.3pm every Wednesday starting in March)



Client Feedback

I went to see Sharon after experiencing anxious feelings (with it affecting my work life, relationship and eating very suddenly) and even in the initial consultation I left feeling much better. Hypnotherapy has been the best investment in my mental wellbeing and I’m at a point where I could stop seeing Sharon but i’m going back every few weeks as I now see it as a bit of “mental me-time.

You gave me a light back in my life and I am forever grateful.

It was such a wonderful experience for me and Sharon is so lovely and experienced! I combined it with my own lifestyle changes and I feel this accelerated my results!

I have tried various treatments over the years which have not worked for my anxiety and panic attacks, I just wish I had come here years ago, hypnotherapy has broken this vicious cycle for me and got my life back on track, Amazing, I’m one happy fellow.

I am a completely different person now with a really positive outlook. Quite a difference from when I first saw you. I am now a 9.5 (out of 10) and feel so much more comfortable with myself, which was most of my battle!

I went to alleviate acute anxiety and panic attacks and this has magically transformed into changing the way I live my life.

Sharon’s always such a pleasure to visit and I always leave feeling refreshed and empowered.

Sharon will work with you to put plans in place at each session, so you have commitments and something to focus on achieving for your next session.

I was diagnosed with post traumatic stress. After weeks of panic attacks and severe anxiety I was told about Haworth Hypnotherapy. After the initial consultation I received my track and listened to it when It arrived and when I went to bed. I slept better that night than I had for weeks and within three days of listening to it each night had stopped feeling constantly sick and shaky. After one more session with Sharon (most of it me taken up with me thanking her and suggesting that she may be a witch) I was able to return to work. In my first session with Sharon I told her that my life was broken. She fixed it for me.

I came to Sharon when I was in a real low point in my life. I had tried a number of different things but nothing seemed to work. Sharon showed me how to be in control of my mind and how to take control of my life. I like most always believed that things where out of my control and that I had to just get thru this period. 6 months on I use the same techniques and have found that I am happier now than I have ever been. Because of Sharon’s help I didn’t just survive i thrived. Thank you so much.

And I can’t believe the change in me, last year at this time I was still suffering and finding life and nights difficult but now I feel I have found myself again and achieved so much too as well as understanding myself more.  and it’s all down to you and your therapy

I found the experience to be really relaxing. Sharon is such a lovely lady who is welcoming and easy to talk to. The room is comfortable and perfect for the experience.
My friends have said that they have notice a change in me and I have noticed myself too.
I would highly recommend Sharon she is very professional and amazing at what she does.

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