Anxiety sufferer

Sharon has the ability to put you at ease the first time you meet. She offers a sympathetic ear in times of need and can fill you with hope for the future. She provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere in order for you to receive the best possible treatment. Regular sessions with Sharon have enabled me to feel more at ease with my day to day life and understand the importance of the here and now and not to focus solely on the past or future. Sharon provides her treatments in a professional, confidential environment. Sharon will work with you to put plans in place at each session, so you have commitments and something to focus on achieving for your next session. If you are willing to put the effort in as much as she does then her treatments are going to work wonders for you. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sharon’s treatments to my friends and family and wish Sharon the best of luck with her new venture, she truly deserves the praise she gets.

Panic attacks, night terrors and general anxiety

A space where I feel safe and leave my anxiety at the door. After a session, the anxiety has flown over the hills and given me respite. Sharon’s skills send me homewards feeling refreshed, relaxed and full of hope for my future. I went to alleviate acute anxiety and panic attacks and this has magically transformed into changing the way I live my life. At my age (almost 65), there were decades of worry and stress hardwired into my being, so it takes time and is ongoing. Think of the process of hypnotherapy as like taking an old rather corrupt hard disk that keeps crashing, and erasing and reformatting it so it is ready to memorise the new (while ensuring the basic functions still work).


It made me focus on the here and now and the importance of putting yourself first. Listening to your own needs above those who have negative impacts on your life. It helped me focus on the positive aspects and helped me feel more confident in my own abilities.

Flying Phobia Client

I cannot recommend this lady enough. With a phobia of flying, I went slightly sceptical but hopeful hypnotherapy could help me. Pre hypno I was nervous and anxious at least a day before every flight. Now sitting here writing this I managed 8 flights in 3 weeks and have flown on my own twice. Something I would have never dreamt of before. Amazing results!!

Social Anxiety and Panic Attacks

I have never had hypnotherapy but it was the last thing I could think of to try before I ended up at the GP! Panic attacks is something I have never had but after a stressful year they soon intensified and before I knew it my whole life had changed. The busy lifestyle I once lived was a distant memory and I would dread leaving the house in fear of having a panic attack. I didn’t even recognise it as a panic attack and would often feel faint and almost like I was going to have a heart attack! Something had to change and I didn’t want to use medication so thought I’d try hypnotherapy! So glad I did! In 7 sessions I am completely back to myself. It was such a wonderful experience for me and Sharon is so lovely and experienced! I combined it with my own lifestyle changes and I feel this accelerated my results! I will 100% use hypnotherapy again if I fall on difficult times!

Weight Loss Client

I always thought weight loss was about what you put in your mouth and feeling guilty for life… Until I met Sharon. Sharon can fix your mind and take away the emotions causing you to over eat, drink, smoke etc. Sharon’s always such a pleasure to visit and I always leave feeling refreshed and empowered. So to be honest with you all, in 5 sessions I have gained confidence big time, become so much healthier, started a path to a new career, made improvements in my relationship, made big life choices and people keep asking what diet I’m on.

The truth is she has taken away my guilt and anxiety around food I’ve been to happy and busy to over eat and I can’t remember why I did. I just wish I’d tried hypnotherapy and found the correct therapist for me 12 years ago.

Young boy suffering with anxiety

Sharon is welcoming and totally made my Son feel at ease. The room has a beautiful view and is just so quiet, my son came away feeling happier and relaxed.

Ex-Smoker (20 a day for 30 years)

Stopped smoking ten weeks ago today and it was a walk in the park as the saying goes. Excellent a deffo 5 stars from me. Back for weight loss next.

Panic Attack Client

I have tried various treatments over the years which have not worked for my anxiety and panic attacks, I just wish I had come here years ago, hypnotherapy has broken this vicious cycle for me and got my life back on track, Amazing, I’m one happy fellow.

Severe Anxiety Client

So far it has made me think very differently about what causes the attacks, the way my mind works and how I can ‘reset’ the mind so that the part of my brain that causes the fight or flight response is diminished and the part of my brain that gives me a reason to live and hope and peace and happiness gets bigger and more positive. Not managing but changing.

Social Anxiety and Panic Attacks

I feel that I am able to cope now on my own. I’m so grateful for all that you have done for me. I am a completely different person now with a really positive outlook. Quite a difference from when I first saw you. I am now a 9.5 (out of 10) and feel so much more comfortable with myself, which was most of my battle! You’ve helped me to come to terms with my past, face up to it and move on. I’ve learned that the mind is wonderful and I can gain a lot of strength from that knowledge to reshape my future. That would never have happened without your help. I’m so grateful to you and all you’ve done for me.