It’s a common belief that Monday’s are rubbish and so on a Sunday evening those anxious thoughts start to build up, the churning stomach, raised heartbeat and general feeling of misery. This can often lead to some of the physical affects of anxiety such as heartburn, IBS and poor sleep.

Our inner caveman believes that our increased stress level must be due to some major crisis which is about to happen and so of course it wants all of our energy to be preserved for fight or flight, rather than digestion or rest. However, what our inner caveman does not know is that we are actually experiencing stress due to the negative forecasting of the following day.

It’s not the day itself, poor Monday did nothing to us at all, but it’s the ideas that we build up about Monday which cause the stress. So how about flipping those ideas on their head this week. Plan to have a steak for dinner tomorrow, arrange a phone call with your best friend, wear your favourite outfit to work.

Anything that means that you can look forward to poor old Monday instead of dreading it and start moving anxiety out of your life.