Would you like to increase balance and calm within your mind and your life?

Joining the membership is a great low key way to do this as I send regular hypnosis and mindfulness downloads plus send you a gratitude diary e-mail each week. You will also get a few other perks such as retreat discount, a private Facebook Group and focus months.

If you just want a single hypnosis track to help you sleep or give you a boost then click on the track of choice below and I’ll e-mail it through to you within 24 hours. 

I also offer a tailored hypnosis service where we have a consultation and I then write and record you a hypnosis track to meet your needs so that you can enjoy mindset benefits whilst you sleep every night. This option is good for those that have a specific goal such as a driving test or exam which they are nervous about.


Balanced Mind Membership

  • Sleep Hypnosis tracks sent every other month
  • Mindfulness tracks sent every other month
  • Gratitude and Goals E-mails sent every Sunday
  • Monthly focused training with a video, sometimes from a guest expert, and other tips related to the focus 
  • 10% Discount on my day retreats 
  • Facebook Group support for those that want to use it
  • £10/month – Cancel at any time


Buy a Focused Relaxation Track

These 30 minute MP3 tracks are perfect for helping you get a better nights sleep. They each have a different focus and can help your mindset even whilst you are sleeping. The advantages of each is listed below so take your pick and come back for another when you fancy a change.

Click on the link to pay and I will e-mail the track to you within 24 hours.

Please note that these should not be listened due whilst driving or operating machinery. All recordings are for personal use only. Not available for commercial use.

The Beach

  • Build Your Confidence
  • Move On From The Past
  • Sleep Well
  • £10

The Train

  • Dealing With Change
  • Find Joy In Life
  • Manage Your Thoughts
  • Sleep Well
  • £10

The Boat

  • Finding Your Peace
  • Dealing With Stress
  • Sleep Well
  • £10

Tailored Hypnosis Track To Meet Your Needs

In order to find out your requirements from this we have a 50 minute consultation and I then write and record you a hypnosis track which I send to you as an MP3 which can be easily downloaded onto your phone or tablet

The cost of this service is £100 – Please e-mail to arrange your consultation