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Anxiety And…Serotonin

Serotonin has a major role to play within our minds and bodies. It is the most widely talked about neurotransmitter within us and interestingly is mostly stored in the gut (linked to our desire to comfort eat when we're feeling low). When we are producing a steady...

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Sunday night blues

It's a common belief that Monday's are rubbish and so on a Sunday evening those anxious thoughts start to build up, the churning stomach, raised heartbeat and general feeling of misery. This can often lead to some of the physical affects of anxiety such as heartburn,...

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Insomnia tries to make a return

So last night I lay in bed and that all too familiar fuzz was in my head, my heart seemed to be beating faster than it should and there was absolutely no chance that I was getting to sleep. The same thoughts were passing through my mind over and over and over again,...

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