So last night I lay in bed and that all too familiar fuzz was in my head, my heart seemed to be beating faster than it should and there was absolutely no chance that I was getting to sleep. The same thoughts were passing through my mind over and over and over again, completely insignificant thoughts of something that I’d just seen on Facebook about something totally irrelevant to my life, but at midnight it seemed to be the most important thing in the world. Ok, so it wasn’t helped by my five year old who had jumped into bed with us too but I knew that that was not the main issue here. The main issue was my head, my mind, my thoughts. That little voice inside saying “you’re not going to sleep tonight”, “you’ve got a very busy day tomorrow so you are not going to sleep”, “it’s Christmas time, a wonderful time to spend with the family, so you’re not going to sleep tonight”. And that was it. I was awake for hours, and I don’t just mean that hour of tossing and turning that many people call insomnia, I mean six hours! So today I got up and went for a run immediately. This sort of night is now a one off but for around three years it was a very regular part of my life. I’ve found many different things that have helped me avoid regular nights like this. In fact, I’ve entirely changed by life in order to control the insomnia and so for 2019 I’m going to try and blog about it and see if anyone else can be helped out of the viscous, lonely grips of insomnia or any other mental health problems come to think of it.