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Hypnotherapy in Ilkley For You

Hypnotherapy can help you overcome many difficulties which can be encountered at any time of life such as anxiety (in all of it’s many forms…), depression, phobias, anger, smoking and even dealing with chronic pain. I see both male and female clients, young and old.

We will work together to help get you the life that you want

What’s the Process?

Book in for your free initial consultation and we’ll have an informal chat about what you’d like to achieve plus how we will clear the fog in your mind to get you to that point. You’ll learn a lot about the workings of the brain in this appointment and clients all find it to be a great foundation of knowledge. After that a course of treatment will follow, ideally we’ll see each other weekly for between 4 and 12 weeks (dependent on issue).

Initial Consultation (45 mins) – free
Full Hypnotherapy Appointment (50 mins) – £65
Stop Smoking Therapy (100 mins) – £170

Where and When?

2 Castle Hill


LS29 9DT

(Just opposite the Manor House)

My regular appointments are on Thursdays between 1.45pm and 5.45pm however if you need a different time then please contact me and I’ll try and arrange it.

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Anxiety And…Serotonin

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Sunday night blues

Sunday night blues

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Insomnia tries to make a return

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