What to book

Please book an initial consultation for your first appointment for all therapy other than the Stop Smoking session.

International and Distance customers - these appointments will take place via Zoom which is an online video call system. Once you've booked in then I will set up a link to send you and you simply click on that link a few minutes before our agreed appointment time.

Or choose a 12 week programme

12 week programme to a new and improved you. Take the worry away from your appointments and book onto a 12 week course of sessions booked at the same time each week to improve your symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

Sessions can take place at any of the three locations - Haworth, Leeds or Ilkley - or can take place via Skype or Zoom.

£600 for the 12 week course. All sessions are private

(Occasionally further sessions may be requested by the client in order to make even more progress)

Cancellation Policy

I run a busy practice and therefore it is important that appointments are fulfilled once booked. If for any reason you don't think you'll be able to attend your booked appointment please contact me at your earliest convenience on 07764 562 887

Appointments cancelled within 24 hours are subject to 100% cancellation fee

Appointments cancelled within 48 hours are subject to a 50% cancellation fee

No shows will not be offered future appointments

Thanks for your understanding

Life Can Change For You!

reduce anxiety, feel better, deal with depression, mental health, happier life, post natal

Anxiety and Depression Relief

Highly successful at treating all forms of anxiety and depression. We'll replace negative thoughts and worries with positives and have you back to living the life that you want to.

Number of sessions varies dependent on the problems but we can discuss during the Initial Consultation


Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy

Increasingly popular due to people wanting more than a short term diet.

This course of treatment is a journey to a healthier, happier you for the rest of your life. Together we change the habits of a lifetime and focus on your long term health. Strong client commitment is required.

8-12 sessions

Control phobias, remove phobia, flying phobia, claustrophobia, noise phobia, emetophobia


Phobia's often come at a time of high anxiety but they can then be with us for life. Let's get things back under control. Whether it's flying, spiders, mice, water or any of the other 3,000 named phobia's we can resole the issue leaving you with more freedom to do what you want to do.

4 sessions is usually enough.

stop smoking, give up, smoking cessation, healthy lungs, easy way to stop smoking,

Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy

This two hour session to stop smoking is great and so effective. I have helped people stop smoking who have smoked 20 a day for 30 years as well as people who just want to stop social smoking.

One off session of 2 hours


Gain Confidence through Hypnotherapy

Whether you need confidence at work or for something specific such as doing that best man's speech I can help you relax and feel calm and better able to be yourself.

4 to 8 sessions is usually all it takes

Grief Relief. grieving, loss of family, grief, sadness, depression

Grief Relief

Allowing yourself some time in your week to focus on the good things that are still in your life following the devastating loss of someone close to you