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Online Coaching Sessions 


 For those that would like mindset support but don’t want to have hypnosis then I offer coaching sessions. We define your goals and preferred outcomes in the first session and then work on steps to get you there. The sessions follow the Solution Focused approach of working on your strengths and resources to get you the results that you want and are very positive and uplifting. I supply you with relaxation tracks to help you sleep and which can be listened to immediately after our sessions together if desired.

This method is primarily designed for my online clients. Most do like to have our call and then listen straightaway to the relaxation track to get the same mind benefits as hypnotherapy offers.


 Solution Focused Coaching can help with:



Relationship Issues 


Achieving a Goal 


Inner Content 



Each session lasts for around 40 minutes (and then allow around 20 minutes to listen to your relaxation track) 

A short burst of weekly sessions gets the quickest results – usually 8 to 12 weeks 

 Online or Face to Face Sessions



Consultation – £30

1 Session – £60 

8 Sessions – £450 

12 Sessions – £670


What Other Clients Have Said:

“Working with you over these past few months has improved my mindset and my day to day life beyond recognition and I could not have done this without you”

“I am happier now than I have ever been. Because of Sharon’s help I didn’t just survive i thrived. Thank you so much”



  • Following the initial consultation we will arrange a suitable time for your regular sessions or you can just book them individually using the online booking function.
  • We can either use Telephone or Zoom (online video tool – very simple)

  • I have had really great results using this format but of course results may vary from person to person